South West France

Basque Country, a land of tradition


The Basque country is itself a deep discovery of what France is made in fact of traditions, culture and typical food. This very nice area will give you a nice moment of deepen felicity.
Trip duration:
3 days

Discover the Basque Country with our motorcycle tour...

The Bordeaux vineyards tour


What could we say about this tour …. Simply a ride through St Emilion, Sauternes, Medoc, Pauillac….. just imagine you taste a delicious glass of one of these word famous properties or wine areas.
Trip duration:
3 days
Bordeaux vineyards discovery on motorcycle...

Perigord truffle kingdom


Less than two hours’ drive east of Bordeaux and you will enter a land of exceptional and rich cultural places. Amazing gastronomy, way of life known since the prehistoric era… Perigord is just the place humans love to stay and live!
Trip duration:
3 days

Discover Perigord on motorcycle tour...

Basque Country and Perigord: Pearls of the South West


A tour that gathers what is the French way of life, culture and tradition… just come and taste!
Trip duration:
5 days

Discover Basque Country and Perigord on motorcycle...

Pyrenean crossing amazing tour


These Mountains are wild but friendly. Starting from the Atlantic Ocean, you will reach the Mediterranean sea then ride on tremendous roads and passes.
Charming hotels, fine gastronomy of South West France but also in Spain, this is really a nice journey!
Trip duration:
8 days
Crossing Pyrenean Mountains with our motorcycle tour...

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